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La Majada Palentina

Mountains of Palencia

The Mountains of Palencia are located at the north of the province. Its high peaks make them a place of great interest to practice all kind of sports related to nature. Its fauna and flora include the landscape of rocks and their five wetlands arranged in two systems: a single case of impregnated beauty of Romanesque art in places where people from Palencia go hunting and fishing.


From Valladolid: Take the highway to Palencia. After that, take the C-615 road to Guardo and Villanueva de Arriba (road in perfect condition, very straight). It is a 145 km trip - 1 hour and 30 minutes.

From Santander: Take the A-67 highway to Aguilar de Campoo, then Cervera de Pisuerga-Santibañez de la Peña-Villanueva de Arriba. It is a 165 km trp - 2 hours.

From Burgos: Take the highway to Carrion de los Condes- Saldaña- Guardo and Villanueva de Arriba. It is a 140 km trip - 1 hour and a half.

From Palencia City: Take the CL-615 road, which is very straight and even. It is, approximantely, a 60 minutes trip.

If you want to get here from Palencia City through Aguilar de Campoo, you should take the N-611 road, whose tour is also straight and flat. It is, approximantely, a 60 minutes trip.

From Bilbao: Take the road to Torrelavega and then Aguilar de Campoo-Cervera de Pisuerga - Villanueva de Arriba. It is a 250 km trip - 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The kilometric distances between the capitals of some provinces and Guardo are:

Madrid-Guardo                368 Km. - 3 h 30´ trip
Valladolid-Guardo           159 km - 2 h 05´ trip
Burgos-Guardo                135 km - 1 h 52´ trip
Santander-Guardo           164 km - 2 h 00´ trip
Bilbao-Guardo                  250 km - 3 h 07´ trip
Palencia-Guardo                98 km - 1 h 05´ trip 
León-Guardo                      98 km - 1 h 15´ trip
Oviedo-Guardo                212 km - 2 h 15´ trip 
Vitoria-Guardo                 255 km - 2 h 33´ trip


Take the RENFE (FEVE) train either in Bilbao or León, which travels around the mountains of Palencia and makes several stops. The closest one to La Majada Palentina is the stop in Santibáñez de La Peña, which is 4 km far from Villanueva de Arriba.
cottage in the mountains of Palencia

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